Report to: COO


Proceed with the following tasks assigned:

1. Legal risk review and anticipation

Review and provide legal advice on legal documents.

Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken.

2. Policy update and development

Update new legal legislation and law documents in relation to the Company’s business.

Review and advise management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.

Review and draft contracts, agreements and internal policies and ensure that they are in compliant with all statutory or legal requirements.

3. Contract preparation and negotiation

Prepare and review specific contracts or any other documentation where the Company has committed itself under the assignment of the Company’s Management.

Cooperate with other departments to prepare, review and modify contract templates and legal documents to support various business activities including, but not limited to: business registration, investment documents, business joint venture negotiation and application, etc.

4. Licensing:

Licensing & sub-licensing support: prepare necessary documents, and submission to obtain and renew any licenses, approvals (Including but not limited to business license, investment license, ...).

5. Other tasks

Give training and guidance to junior team members

Prepare or conduct legal documents, minutes meeting as by COO’s assignment with high standard of quality, legal requirement and thoughtful preparation.

Conduct research, collect information from other Departments upon request

Litigation: Collect, examine, and organize evidence and other legal documents for lawsuits, if any

Other tasks assigned by the Company’s Management


- A degree preferably in Law.

- Minimum 4 years of experience, preferably with experience in a law firm or being a corporate lawyer in a marketing or media agency.

- Demonstrated knowledge and experience in IP law or corporate law is a plus.

- Good at written and communication skills in English and Vietnamese,

- Attention to detail and interpersonal skills are essential.

- Be able to work independently, manage multiple priorities, work efficiently under pressure and meet deadlines.

- Intermediate computer skills, particularly with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.


1. Salary + bonus

2. Remuneration in accordance with Vietnam's regulations

3. Opportunity to participate in domestic and international events/ festivals/ conferences

4. Annual leave Incentives


Please send your CV and Cover Letter via this email:

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