METUB Partnership brings you money from ads displayed on your videos. We want you to get the most you deserve and we start by bring to you adequete YouTube knowledge, audience growth strategy, PR tools and other supports so you can #livebypassion.


We support the growth of video creators (creators) on the YouTube platform. It also acts as a link between the creator and the business, to create a parallel benefit:


- Creators have the resources to support more creativity.

- Businesses develop brand image and reach closer to their customers.

- Monthly payment within 30 days after the end of the billing month in VND (by the average interbank exchange rate)

- Fixed revenue share rate of 70% for all channels.

- Strong PR system to promote your channel. 

- Two-year contract with the option for early termination within 30 days after notification of termination.

- Access to YouTube Analytics. You are always able to control your income online (statistics are updated with a delay of 2-3 days; it displays the gross amount – your share and ours).

- Flexible payment method (PayPal, WebMoney, Bank transfer).

- Support via forum, hotline and email in Vietnamese.

In addition, after joining you will get access to all advanced partnership features.

To become a partner of METUB, you must achieve these criterias below:- Your channels are in good standing.- Your channel should not have the 3rd Party Copyright Infringement.- The Content does not breach Partnership Program Policies- We also look at Potential of your Content Strategy.

Your Revenue depends on:


- How many people are watching your videos and where are they?

- What type of ads are enabled in your videos ?

- Your fan’s behaviours.And many other complicated factors.

METUB provides analysis related to the needs, tastes and preferences of your target audience. We help you understand your audience. From there, you can choose the right approach and long-term engagement with your audience. METUB also puts your videos into diverse promotion channels that are suitable with your content categories.

All requested personal information is kept confidential. These are used to process payment transactions, send exclusive gifts or to validate registeration.

We will pay you within 24th to the 30th of each month (+ -1.2 days) of the following month. For example: Your earnings in July will be paid during the day 25th-30th of August. We will proceed to transfer money if your income exceeds $50 monthly.

We will pay as long as the rights holder of the videos does not complain. Any money received from any ads on that video will go to the proper rights holder.

There are many reasons that impact your earnings per view. Your earnings are dependent upon an assortment of factors, surrounding both your content and your audience consuming that content, that matter to advertisers. This includes your country of residency, the type of content you create, your audience method of viewership (YouTube watch page, mobile, embedded, etc) and audience volume.

NO, but it would be very grateful if you do so :)

NO. And you should also be careful if someone asks you for your password.


In many countries, when a person creates an original work that is fixed in a physical medium, they automatically own copyright to the work. As the copyright owner, they have the exclusive right to use the work. Most of the time, only the copyright owner can say whether someone else has permissions to use the work.

METUB Network and Epidemic Sound signed a partnership that gave METUB Network partners a music store with more than 300,000 copyrighted songs that you can use in your video. That means that your video does NOT violate copyright and is PERMANENTLY enabled for monetization. And for the entire cost of using this music store, METUB will be "wrapped up" for its partners. Check out the details here: http://metub.net/?act=Blogdetailv2&id=171

First, register as a METUB Network partner. The automated system will send you an automated instruction email and provide you an account. If the system has not yet provided your account information, contact the METUB Network customer support team at support@metub.net or hotline: 0962 290 343

YES. Regardless of whether you are connected to a Partner Program or not, you must comply with the copyright law, which means that if there any matched third party content or video blocked in some countries, notifications will come.

METUB Network will support Content ID to protect the channel's copyright. The requirements for Content ID review are as follows:


· Number of followers: 50,000 · Monthly views: 500,000 - 1,000,0000

· Channel needs to join The Network for 3 months.

· Channel content should be 100% origin and no video will coinciden with the third one.

· Channels do not have any violations of community or copyright. If your channel has expired, METUB will review your Content ID request within the next 2 months.


* Note: METUB Network reserves the right to refuse to provide Content ID for channels that own inappropriate content and is likely to be infringed in the future. * Partners must provide full documentation of copyright. The partner is the person who is fully responsible and who solves the disputes arising. METUB Network reserves the right to refuse or stop providing Content ID if a dispute arises.


- YouTube channel development consulting services

- YouTube channel management and development services

- Influencer Marketing Service

- Google Adwords advertising service

- Develop and implement digital marketing campaigns

- Sponsorship programs between brands and content creators

Based on the brand's requirements, METUB uses technical tools for KOL / Influencer's statistic and channel analysis. Simultaneously, by experience working directly with artists / creators, METUB makes a suggested list of KOL / Influencers.

In addition to the leading content creators / celebrities in Vietnam, when working with METUB, brands also have the opportunity to access KOL / Influencers specializing in new entertainment areas such as: Game, Beauty, Travel, ... With experience in the field of online communication and the close relationship with the KOL / Influencer, METUB Network will advise effective campaigns: accurate target group, create interaction maximized with the most optimal funding market.

METUB Network acts as the connecting unit and ensures the best quality of communication products by three factors:


- Understand the message, requirements and KPI from the brand

- Advise creators to balance the media elements and unique content to give the audience a best video

- Investigate the market to make the right media campaign at the time of the campaign, to ensure optimum media coverage.

Brands do not need a YouTube channel, but we always encourage brands with official YouTube channels as an effective social media channel today.

Send the information and type of content you wish to cooperate to email: booking@metub.net