METUB Network is the leading digital entertainment and YouTube multi-channel network and the representative for WebTVAsia in Vietnam, manages and develops 1700+ YouTube channels, generating more than 3 billion views monthly from its wide range of content creator partner including A-list celebrities as Son Tung M-TP, Chi Pu, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Ly Hai to top YouTube stars Vanhleg, Lynk Lee, Do Duy Nam, Trang TV, Huynh Lap... Since 2017, METUB Network has been expanding into influencer marketing & branded content creation, helping brands and agencies effectively reach millions of millennial audience.

Now METUB Network is hiring. We’re always looking to the right talents growing up with us!


Here are open positions:


1. Senior Strategic Planner (Brand Services) (Ho Chi Minh)

2. Senior Account Lead (Brand Services)  (Ho Chi Minh)

3. Script Writer (Social video) (Ho Chi Minh)

4. Partner Manager (Ho Chi Minh)

5. Account Executive (Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi)

6. Sales Brands Services (Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi)

7. Digital Marketing Planner (Ho Chi Minh)

8. Channel Operation Associate (Ho Chi Minh)

9. Chuyên viên nhân sự (Ho Chi Minh)

10. Kế toán tổng hợp (Ho Chi Minh)

11. Nhân viên quản lý dữ liệu (Ho Chi Minh)

Please send your CV and Cover Letter via this email:

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