Position Overview:

•   We are seeking a highly organized, analytical, and proactive Business Operations Manager to lead and optimize our company's operational processes. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient operation of the organization, coordinating various departments, and implementing strategies to enhance overall productivity and profitability.

•   The OP Mgr will be responsible for optimizing workflow, managing the coordination process of Business Units (BUs), and providing consultation on operational management systems to the executive team.

•   Collaborate with People, Performance & Culture Department (PPC) and relevant departments to train teams on process and management system implementation.

Main Responsibilities:

1.    Process Optimization:

•     Identify and analyze inefficient factors in the operational processes of BUs.

•     Develop and implement workflow improvements for enhanced performance and efficiency.

•     Coordinate with different functional groups to standardize processes and ensure synchronization.

2.    Data Analysis and Reporting:

•     Collect, analyze, and interpret operational data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

•     Prepare regular reports and dashboards to provide information for senior management decision-making.

•     Implement data-driven strategies to drive activities and achieve performance metrics against set objectives.

3.    Planning:

•     Contribute to the development of company operational plans and long-term goals.

•     Collaborate with departments to align operational/process objectives with overall business objectives.

•     Provide critical input on the feasibility of operational activities.

4.    Risk Management:

•     Identify potential operational risks and develop mitigation plans to ensure business continuity.

•     Deploy and adhere to compliance with industry regulations, standards, and internal policies.

5.    Process Improvement:

•     Continuously evaluate and enhance operational processes to adapt to changing business needs and market dynamics.

•     Initiate and manage process improvement projects to foster innovation in business activities.

6. Digital Transformation:

  • Lead digital transformation initiatives within the organization, leveraging technology to drive innovation and efficiency.
  • Identify opportunities to automate manual processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance operational visibility through the adoption of digital tools and systems.
  • Collaborate with IT teams to evaluate, select, and implement appropriate software solutions to support operational requirements.
  • Provide guidance and support to cross-functional teams during the implementation of digital projects, ensuring successful adoption and integration.


  • Proven experience (5+ years) in high-level operations management, process improvement, and financial compliance, preferably within the Media & Entertainment industry and organization of 500 + employees.
  • Strong knowledge of operational best practices, process optimization methodologies
  • Demonstrated experience in driving digital transformation initiatives and implementing technology solutions to improve operational efficiency.

If you are a proactive, results-oriented professional with a passion for optimizing operational processes, we invite you to apply for the Business Operations Manager position. Join our team and contribute to the continued success and growth of our organization.

Send your CV and Portfolio to gmail: recruitment@metub.net

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