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Share the passion- Build the success - Connect the Future

METUB will be a network for all creators in Vietnam and worldwide.
METUB will be a platform provides advanced support functions for creators.
METUB will be the destination for all talents with the largest number of creators in Vietnam.


METUB supports YouTube and other Video Sharing Platforms in developing and expanding Vietnamese user community.

METUB provides channel development consulting service and supporting tools for creators.

“Sống bằng đam mê”

    Everyone is unique with each own passion. Success will come as long as you let your unique do its job.


    Only when being shared, Masterpiece shows its value. METUB always appreciate the wide spread of creativity.


    At METUB, we create a hub for sharing, we create a platform for connecting. All for You - Our Awesome Creators.

  4. VALUE

    Unleash your passion and show the world - we will do the rest. You deserve what belongs to you.

METUB team
  • METUB Team- We are Passionate, Active, and Creative. We all work for the same mission of creating a Connector for Vietnamese Video Creators and YouTube Community Worldwide.
  • To release your creativity, METUB support you in a modern and individualized way.
  • You are passionate, You are talented. Come and create Unique Value with METUB Network!
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